Mehr! Theater am Grossmarkt

Mehr! Theater am Grossmarkt Hamburg, 2012–2015, planning and realization, client: Mehr! Entertainment The Mehr! Theater am Grossmarkt, a multipurpose venue situated inside Hamburg’s historic wholesale market for fruits, vegetables and flowers, offers new, diverse possibilities for public gatherings. By redefining underutilized space within the market […]


Szczecin Opera

Szczecin Opera Szczecin, Poland, 2009, study, in cooperation with Daniel Jo Krüger and Tristan Lannuzel, client: Stage Craft This one-of-a-kind, multi-use opera house is intended to serve as a temporary venue for the Szczecin Opera during the renovation of the city’s historic opera house. After the Opera’s […]


BlueMax Theater

BlueMax Theater Berlin, 2007, planning, client: Stage Entertainment The BlueMax Theater, situated inside a repurposed 3D cinema at Potsdamer Platz, is equipped with 600 seats, a fixed stage, a substage and a technical grid. The front of house has been upgraded to provide attractive spaces […]



MK5 Dresden, 2007, competition, client: W3 Immobilien Stuttgart In response to a competition opening up new possibilities for the Dresden Philharmonic and Staatsoperette, the MK5 combines both institutions within one complex. The introverted spaces of the symphony orchestra and operetta are encompassed by a ‘ring’ […]


New Theater

New Theater Hamburg, 2006, study, client: Stage Entertainment Expanding the existing Stage Theater im Hafen, this project’s first phase adds 1,800 seats, with the second phase adding an entirely new music hall for 5,000 to 8,000 visitors. Connecting visually to Hamburg’s cultural skyline across the […]


Kehrwieder Theater

Kehrwieder Theater Hamburg, 2005, planning and realization Housed in a listed building in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt, the Kehrwieder Theater offers table and balcony seating. The structure of the historic building, which was dramatically altered to create necessary free space, is brought to the fore by use […]


Olympia Theater

Olympia Theater Munich, 2003–2005, planning, client: Stage Entertainment The ‘Radstation’ velodrome, situated inside Munich’s Olympiapark, is transformed into a 2,150-seat musical theater. Without changing the building’s ellipsoid form, the theater inhabits the open interior space of the existing structure. Although portions of the original building are […]



Admiralspalast Berlin, 2003–2005, German planning phases 1–5, client: Admiralspalast Berlin & Co. KG After the Metropol-Theater closed its doors in 1996, it was acquired by the Arena Group, who reconceptualized the theater based on its unique history. The Arena Group introduced new uses into the building […]



Kindergarten Berlin, 2004–2005, planning and realization, client: Reinfelder Schule Senat Berlin Reuse of a sports lounge into a multi-use kindergarten.